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Trulstech consists of privately & public held companies in Australia, UK and Sweden. A company network with the hub in South Australia, R&D engineering in Sweden and representatives in Europe, North America and Australia.

Trulstech represents a broad spectrum in technical science. It is proved by several different high-tech product developments during the last decades. The R&D portfolio contains microwave frequency radio components, Marine stabilised VSAT antennas, different chemical material compositions and several cost-efficient technical product solutions aimed for manufacturing industries.

Trulstech established Biomimetic Technology Ltd in year 2009 in mission to take response for all developed MHE® cost-efficient, no classified hazardous chemicals, in nature biodegradable chemical additive products, aimed for cleaning respectively impregnation of natural fibre materials, respectively impregnation of synthetic host materials to withstand ignition in contact with open flames. 

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Trulstech's corporate mission is to provide high tech product solutions developed on sustainability innovation technology. Everyone meeting the ever-increasing demand on being cost-effective in all aspects.



Together, the management team of Trulstech possesses more than four decades of R&D experiences, being at the cutting edge in high-tech.

Trulstech is working across a broad range of cost-effective high-tech product solutions in several different subjects. Each one addressed to industrial manufacturing processes aimed to be applied both by listed blue chip companies as well as small innovative start-ups. Constantly developing new product applications and industrial production methods - from idea to serial industrial production.

The in-house competencies and technical expertise of Trulstech encompasses science and engineering, based on advanced technics in terms of advanced technical know-how in number of subjects in Science.



Media back-up is very important every time you start-up a new product development.

It's not enough to have a well established market request to invest time and money on R&D engineering. It's always a big risk that the market request changes during the time for the product development. It is impossible to know what R&D other companies are doing at the same time in the subject. Meanwhile R&D takes place someone else might present a product solution that meets the market requests.


That devalues the product development to only concern market price competition in the end. To reduce that risk it is essential to inform media about the on-going R&D at a very early stage. It has a good effect on competitors to announce what they have next in the product pipe-line regarding the subject.


In that way media informs both potential customers and the public what products to expect entering the market. It's better to be the cutting-edge in a subject rather than a follower of the same. In the end, it's always a question about right time to market.

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