For industrial and general cleaning applications as well as car cleaning. 

Cleaning Supplies

About Bio-Eco® Cleaning

Bio-Eco® detergent is suitable for use in connection with cleaning heavily soiled industrial premises, for example to remove engine oil, lubricating oil, grease etc. 

Bio-Eco® also offers a series of absolutely non-toxic car care products. The range includes products for cleaning paint and rims, as well as products for removing insect residues, including resin, from paint and car windows. For extra finish and protection, it is recommended to finish with Bio-Eco® TT-20 protection.

Bio-Eco® car care products are all free of classified hazardous chemicals. They are all odourless and environmentally friendly, biodegradable in nature, all products are based on a sustainable raw material - cellulose. Bio-Eco® products are also skin-friendly. 


Products Overview

TT-18 for general and industrial cleaning 

TT-19 for extra tough cleaning conditions

TT-18 & TT-20 for car cleaning and care


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