For machine wash textiles.

Washer & Dryer

About Bio-Eco® Washing

Bio-Eco ® TT-14 / TT-15 cleans textile fibers in depth and works very well with very heavily soiled textiles. When using TT-15 for textiles, they become soft, without addition of environmentally harmful surfactants. The modified cellulose provides a protective coating to the fibers as well as improving its mechanical strength. The resulting coating prevents dirt from getting stuck on washed fabric. Due to the surface coating, the fabric feels soft. It is skin-friendly and reduces the risk of allergic problems.

Benefits of Bio-Eco® Detergent TT-14 / TT-15:

  • energy saving

  • excellent washing results at low temperature (up to 40 ° C)

  • cost effective - Only 7 ml TT-14 / TT-15 concentrate at 5-6 kg laundry

Clothes Hangers

Products Overview

TT-14 for whites. 

TT-15 for coloreds. 


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