About Bio-Eco® & MHE®

Bio-Eco® and MHE® products were developed as an environmentally friendly alternative for a wide variety of purposes: for cleaning, impregnation respectively surface protection

All of our products are based on modified special cellulose, developed by recycling of waste materials of the plant kingdom and are free from any classified hazardous chemicals, according to ECHA/REACH pesticide register.



Bio-Eco® products are perfectly suited as  eco friendly alternatives, especially when there is a desire to reduce the use of fossil fuels and thus synthetically manufactured products. All Bio-Eco® products are in nature biodegradable.



Bio-Eco® products are developed by recycling of waste materials of the plant kingdom and can be produced locally to reduce the CO2  impact on the environment. All in accordance with UNEP (United Nation Environment Program) and its guidelines for a circular economy. 



All of our products includes no classified hazardous chemicals according to ECHA/REACH pesticide register. Only cellulose and well known chemical compounds, in quantities and concentrations, classified for use in food production.


Meeting UNEP Recommendations

United Nation Environment Program

  • Reduce the dependence of fossil fuel. 

  • Recuce CO2 emission. 

  • Reduce the distance between raw material sources and production and business markets.

  • It reduces transports dramatically. 

  • Support local production, generate jobs.

  • Local jobs generate tax incomes to the society. 

Bio-Eco® & MHE® Products